Personalized Learning

bulletpoint2.PNG Personalized Learning / Approaches that individualize learning for each student based on specific strengths and needs, student interests, and/or individualized goals.


In an education model where students are truly at the center, learning is tailored to individual students’ strengths, needs, and personal interests. Learning opportunities take into account existing knowledge, skills, and abilities, set high expectations, and push students in supportive ways to reach their personal goals.


The definition of personalized learning is rapidly evolving and its difference from other Next Gen Topics—like next gen learning and blended learning—may not be clear. Personalized learning can take place in digitally enhanced environments or not. NGLC proposes that next gen learning incorporates personalized learning and that seamless integration with technology is needed to implement it effectively, affordably, and at significant scale. For more explanation, read Moving Towards Next Gen Learning on our blog.




We recognize that all schools are as unique as the students that inhabit them, and not all educators are at the same place in their personalized learning journey. So, whether you’re just starting to explore personalized learning and looking for inspiration, or implementing models in your classroom and seeking out specific solutions to common challenges, or refining existing approaches and wondering “what comes next,” NGLC has a variety of resources available to support your efforts.


Click on the box below that best defines where you are in your personalized learning implementation to access the most relevant resources, best practices, and advice from fellow practitioners. Or use the following link to read more.