Our Superpowers

Our Objective


  • weEducate

As educators, our passion drives us to insure students despite exceptionality or cognitive ability can find success while accessing grade level material. In child rearing you regularly hear, “it takes a village to raise a child”, but what about the ability to teach them barrier breaking skills? Who teaches them these invaluable lessons? Honestly, this can be an overwhelming challenge for special education teachers given the current demands in education. With TMS, we can work together through the collaborative practice of “sharing the load”. We consist of educators that share a passion and commitment to student learning. Although challenging, we create magic by focusing on the needs of the students we are called to serve. Embracing the concepts of differentiation, individualized learning or being proactive in your efforts to provide additional learning avenues for each student; makes you a perfect fit for the “Mod Squad”.


  • weGrow

TMS’s focus is making concepts such as direct instruction, flexible grouping, graphic organizers or simply front loading activities simple and quantifiable. A fluid classroom requires some level of modification to meet varying student needs and to positively influence learning outcomes. Teacher Mod Squad shares Carol Tomlinson’s thoughts in How to Differentiate Instruction. Tomlinson believes that students learn best when there is opportunity to be successful and when purposeful student movement and talking is utilized.


  • weServe

Our goal is to build a community of teachers who are interested in working in partnerships nationwide for the advancement of students with disabilities and learning challenges. Through committed service, we can provide research proven graphic organizers and student-centered activities that accommodate exceptionalities. We also incorporate strategies and techniques that efficiently simplify the modification process for special education students in a general education setting. Whether working with a whole group, small group or individual, these activities will enhance an already functioning classroom. These diverse activities increase understanding, ensures student engagement, while decreasing frustration and behavioral concerns.


  • weLearn

Educators sharing knowledge allows for the best use of instructional time, classroom functionality and lesson engagement, therefore TMS would like to assist in making that pursuit more manageable. Our teachers have considered features within a lesson that pose a challenge for struggling learners and obstacles they could face in an active learner classroom. To assure the success of the lessons for students with learning challenges and the exceptional education population, information is regularly evaluated for value and effectiveness. Accordingly, the modification squad will have evaluated, altered, or adjusted lessons to maximize student success within any classroom. Regularly evaluating our resources will help meet the academic needs of all students and increase achievement.